We help entrepreneurs turn a great idea into a viable and sustainable business.

Good, honest advice to help you commercialise your product or service – saving time, money, stress and effort. We can also connect you to our trusted network of marketing experts, tech builders, partners and investors.

What we do?

Pitch Mentoring

We use our proven 5 step 'perfect pitch' framework to give you a distinct advantage. We also teach you the startup ecosystem, the language of investors and how to position yourself as a credible entrepreneur. A tailored service that will help define your unique value proposition and build confidence on how you stand out from the crowd. Ideal for those looking for investment, new clients, partners or press coverage.

Business Advisory

Helping startups develop a clear strategy that will generate both short term wins and long term sustainability. Using our 10 step process we help build structure to your business and test the viability of your current approach. We help you define your purpose, market position, target customer, brand, messaging and then clarify the best channels to market to ensure success.

Network connecting

Within the startup ecosystem the key to success is not just what you know but also who you know. To grow you need to focus on your core strengths while seeking support from other parties. We will connect you with our trusted network that includes corporates, innovation partners, technology companies and services such as legal, accounting, marketing and sales.

MC/ Panelist/ Speaker

Ideal for those looking for an entertaining Master of Ceremonies for events and workshops of any size. Recent MC events include monthly Entrepreneurs&Co. events, The Inspiring Rare Birds Con and The Events Horizon Conference. Also a regular panelist and judge for pitch events and design hacks. Regular public speaker (Eg The Digital Innovation Festival) with content specialising in entrepreneurship, strategic marketing, brand and customer experience.

Our Story

We help you build a viable and sustainable business

Phil Ore is an entrepreneur who founded three successful Melbourne companies – Marketing Entourage, Entrepreneurs&Co. and Ore Consulting. He is also the Pitch Mentor for Startup Victoria, Global Ambassador for Inspiring Rare Birds and Ambassador for the Digital Innovation Festival. Phil is a firm believer in the importance of business owners creating a clear strategy to define their purpose, marketing position and target customers before trying to sell their service or product.  Up to 95% of startups fail within the first 18 months (Ref: Forbes) and Phil’s goal is to improve this by helping turn a great idea into a viable business. From his own experience the biggest challenge when starting a business is not what you know but also who you know. Many businesses fail because they don’t validate their idea and start spending their money on building apps before they even know if anyone will buy it – too much assumption and not enough feasibility and viability.

We offer two primary services:

Pitch Mentoring – helping your startup develop a 5 minute pitch that can be used to find investment, partners, channels to market, new team members or customers.

Business advisory – helping your startup create clarity to your messaging and structure to your strategy.



Phil strives to guide businesses on their path towards growth and success. He prides himself on being an ideas man; one who can build a strategy that is measurable and achievable. He loves the opportunity to solve the challenges experienced by his clients and gets a real buzz from helping them succeed. Businesses need to differentiate themselves by developing their own unique value proposition. In the minds of their target audience they need to be seen as the only ones that do what they do.

For over twenty years Phil worked in global customer experience, marketing and brand roles for Nokia, Nokia Siemens Networks and Elmwood with customers in more than 100 countries, before deciding it was time to start his own business. The diversity of his clients over the last 25 years has helped develop his knowledge of how to build sustainable and growing businesses, both large and small. As well as being a business owner, he is also a Director in a tech build company which has helped develop his knowledge of the ‘must do’ actions as well as the pitfalls of building apps, websites and digital platforms.

Phil is passionate about working with purpose driven people who are focused on impact and ensuring the world is a better place for both current and future generations. He is a strong supporter of male and female entrepreneurs who want to harness their experience to create amazing startups and live their life to the max.

Phil Ore

Phil Ore

Speech Mark

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